• Type: Service Design / Digitalisation
  • Client: Property NSW
  • Project: New Lease Requests and Execution
  • When: 2018
  • Role: Project Director

Property NSW assists in the development of portfolio property plans for a number of NSW government agencies. This involves providing strategic property advice regarding agency accommodation needs.

The Challenge

End-to-end digitalisation of large workflow comprising new agency lease accomodation requests and the lease execution processes in order to support NSW agency Property Managers' entire customer journey.

The Approach

Embedded in an Agile project setting, the team proceeded through the classic stages of the double-diamond process, in a fast-paced environment, to deliver on both the UX and Service Design layers.


The design team was able to identify huge cost-saving opportunities within the existing platform (Salesforce) by using off-the-shelf components, and quickly and cheaply prototype the solution.

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